Literacy in the Kenyan Desert

Nick and Lyn Swanepoel with African Inland Mission have worked for 30 years in the hot, dry desert of Korr among the Rendille tribe in northern Kenya, a traditional nomadic tribe of only 32,000. Nick and Lyn stayed through years of terrible drought and difficulty and bonded with the people through their commitment to help them.

They realized that literacy was a key need for the Rendille and began developing literacy materials and teaching classes. This evolved into literacy programs enabling schools and church communities to be self-sustaining. Today there are 24 classes ranging from primary grade to high school, averaging 30 students in a class.  Most classes are held under trees in the middle of the desert, taught by women and men who themselves graduated from the class. The Swanepoel’s, who speak Rendille fluently, have translated about 88% of the Bible’s New Testament into the Rendille language.