Jon the Magician

One of my favorite things is watching Jon entertain both children and adults with his magic tricks. When he lands at one of his regular airstrips, the children or men flock around him begging for a trick. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve seen him do the same thing, it always ends in screams of laughter and surprise.

At Nebobongo, a crowd of about 30 kids followed his every move as he closed up the plane, and finally one brave kid tapped Jon on his elbow and held out a small stone while the other children waited expectantly for the magic to begin. Jon also loves to chase the children while they scream and laugh. It’s brilliant.


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  1. helen cadd 23 February 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    Incredible, Lu!! Thank you!! Since I don’t have a website, you can work on mine when you come home.

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