Good Hair and Clothes

I know I’ve posted hair photos before (on Facebook), but I’ve seen a few new ones this week and it has inspired me to post the Good Hair photos and Good Clothes photos again. Chris Rock, who made the documentary about African American hair (called “Good Hair”), should come to Congo for new inspiration. It’s clever, funky, wild, and sometimes scary. Our favorite, for it’s uniqueness, is the “satellite” hairstyle (the name I picked up in a BBC quote by a Congolese woman). Jon and Cher always comment, “She’s getting good reception!” when they see a nice one. Enjoy. Again.

The Rubberband hairstyle - front view

The Rubberband Hairstyle - back view









Look closely to see the red-girls satellite ball hairstyle.

Peach Suit

This couple attended church decked out in their finest matching clothes. The woman wore matching yellow shoes, purse, hair clip, and earrings. Her husband and child also matched her. The only thing "off" is the umbrella.

Purple Suit











Many women wear headscarves for special occasions in the most elaborate styles.

A variation on the satellite theme.

A variation on the satellite theme.

Epulu Girl

This is starting to look like "bad hair."

Definitely moving into the "scary hair" category.


  1. jane 21 October 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    absolutely fantastic, an inspiration to us all in hair and clothing style – why hold back! I love the satellite pom poms

  2. Karen Springstub 4 December 2010 at 8:59 am #

    Fabulous LuAnne. I spent some time in Katoke Tanzania (Near Lake Victoria). And was also fascinated by the hair and the wonderful ‘dress up’ for church. We were often asked ‘Why do you dress in such plain clothes when you are so rich?”
    Regards Karen

    • lcadd 4 December 2010 at 9:06 am #

      I often feel a bit embarrassed by my own choice of clothing around Africans. I always look shabby by comparison except for when I’ve been among the very poor in the bush. But even they will dress up for church in bright happy colors, while I show up in my neutral or black clothes.

      Would so love to see you again, Karen! I need to take a trip to Australia someday soon.

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