Kenyan Coast

Although I have many more photos of animals in Tsavo, I think it’s time I post some of the beach trip photos.  I have more animal shots from our road trip back to Congo through a Ugandan national park and will post those later.

The house at the beach is called Jinchini, south of Mombasa near Tanzania, and it’s owned by a British family who rent it out when they are not around.  It sleeps nine, and comes with a staff of three (plus gardener and guards) who cleaned and cooked whatever we requested. If we wanted locally caught fish, prawns, or lobster for dinner, then we simply put in the order in the morning, and dinner would be fixed and ready for us by 7 pm. They made a killer coconut rice every night that we couldn’t get enough of.  The breakfast table was set and food prepared in the mornings.  Patrick, Omari, and Kasim took great care of us – wonderful guys. We felt pampered, but with a privacy you don’t get in a hotel.

From the house, you could walk across a lawn to the beach.  At high tide, the waves were great for riding (as long as you didn’t mind getting ground into the sand every so often, which I did).  Jon and Josh took a beating every day in the surf.

Jon and I played a game of pool pirates with Gabe and Raeleigh (age 5 and 8 ) in the lovely pool on the hill above the house, complete with pirate names (the “Scurvy Wenches”), ships (the floaties), oars (the flippers), and a host of other pirate language. It was girls against boys, and the girls won, no question, after stealing the boys ship and oars. Good fun.

Here are a few photos…

Jinchini House on the Kenyan Coast. It had four bedrooms with nine beds, a living room, big lawn, and a pool, all right on the beach.

Jon and Gabe sip their morning coffee and hot chocolate drinks on the house patio.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all served at the outdoor dining table on the patio. The lawn leading down to the beach can be seen in the background.

A local fishing boat sits on the beach near the Jinchini house.

Raeleigh and Lu plot their attack on the pirate boys in the house pool.

The Scurvy Wenches take a beating from the pirate boys.

Cher celebrated her 60th birthday at the beach.

Josh and Jon play in the ocean waves, which are bigger and scarier than they look.

Walking home after playing in the ocean.

While house staff Kasim, Omari, and Patrick look on, Jon examines a parrot fish brought to the house by a local fisherman for our dinner. Although this doesn't look like most rainbow colored parrot fish, it has the hard parrot-like beak used to eat coral.

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